Melbourne, Florida— 08/01/2018 at 9:00 AM EST —Nohbo, LLC announced availability of Nohbo Drops, a single use eco-friendly water soluble Drop “pod” for shampoo’s, conditioners, body washes, and shaving creams. Nohbo is launching presales on initially offering its natural Shampoo Drop, with shipment in Winter (Q4) of 2018.


Nohbo, LLC, referred to as Nohbo Drops for its new signature product, is ecstatic to launch their first Shampoo Drop product line. Nohbo Drops are single use water soluble Drops for all personal care applications. Nohbo Drops are comprised of an outside biodegradable film that melts in mere seconds when met with water, and a natural sulfate/paraben free and vegan high performance base. Founder, Benjamin Stern, sees Nohbo Drops as permanently replacing plastic bottles in the bathroom. 4 out of 5 people admit they don’t consistently recycle products from their bathrooms. Nearly 18,000 tons of plastic are thrown in US landfills from shampoo bottle waste alone. Benjamin claims a single drop can cleanse and nourish any head of hair, regardless of length, with the same high quality salon performance. Each Drop is made in America, and packaging is derived from biodegradable plant plastics. Nohbo’s Single Use Rosemary Mint with Infused Sandalwood Extracts Shampoo Drops are available for pre-order directly through for $10 for a 15-pack. 2 + packs are available for 10% off using promo code “DROPPIN”. Will Nohbo change the way we shower? * Nohbo originally aired on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in February of 2016, and secured an investment from famed investor Mark Cuban.

*Facts sourced from J&J
Positive Customer Impact
Nohbo Drops target both the hotel market and mass, to eliminate excess plastic bottle waste, all while providing a superior showering experience.

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