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Our History

NOHBO was formed in 2015, with its premier product, Nohbo Drops (formerly, Nohbo Ball). Nohbo Drops, an eco-friendly solution to bottled shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and shaving creams, was featured on Shark Tank and scored a deal with Mark Cuban to invest in the ecological encapsulated personal care products. After realizing the overwhelming challenges in bringing a novel product to market, and problems with manufacturers not catering to smaller entrepreneurs, we branched out and formed NOHBO LABS, a contract manufacturing facility, aimed at helping other entrepreneurs build out their dreams by bringing disruptive beauty and personal care ideas to the marketplace.

NOHBO LABS is a family-owned facility, capable of handling your formulation and production requirements. NOHBO has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and in publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Entrepreneur and others. NOHBO was awarded accolades by the former governor of Florida, Rick Scott, for encouraging entrepreneurship in Brevard County, Florida.

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We will listen to your ideas, product requirements, specifications, and deadlines with confidentiality and respect.

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We will use the information received in the first phase to develop pricing and a project plan. We will address any concerns, offering comprehensive solutions in an easy to understand format.

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R & D

Depending on whether you are looking for product development or are ready for production, our chief chemist and lab crew will get to work on developing a product or sample that matches your exact specifications.

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In the case of product development, you are now ready to take your formula and go live. We will arrange turnkey manufacturing solutions for you, batch your product, fill and package it straight for delivery.


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Whether you’re the scrappy entrepreneur filling orders out of your kitchen and need to expand OR have an existing growing beauty/personal care business with distribution in place, come connect with us and let’s chat on how we can help melt the worries away and streamline your scaling venture!

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